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    Kati G makes Joey B's U x Me a better one with her version

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 08 August 2016 14:31| 0 Comments

    "I'm an original musician so I can put more creativity into anyone's song", Kati G said as she offered me a sit in her office at the prestigious STARR FM.

    Her smile resonated the satisfaction in a soul; her cover of Joey B's U x Me, had made me find her and request an interview.

    Looking at the sexy slender young lady, it's easy to understand how she put soo much fun into the already trendy song. She was like a bubble; probably one in a champagne bottle. Her positive energy couldn't be held back. This is totally obvious in her U x Me cover.

    There was rare jive in her voice, as she began the song on a calm note and soon hit the crescendo; displaying her vocal prowess, hitting high notes and running melodious modulations.

    Expectantly, I enquired from Kati G, if we should expect any more covers and she was quick to say, "My plan is to do an album of covers", she further urged  "get ready Ghanaian and Nigerian artists, your song might be next!". The enthusiastic manner with which she spoke, made me understand her love for music. She wasn't about to be stopped in her tracks, as she invited musicians to put the to test. " I dare any artist to put me to a challenge to redo their song over. It's a piece of cake for me. I produce hit radio shows, next hit tv shows and hit songs. I'm a mogul, full entertainer, and apex executive producer in Ghana!", a verbose Kati G said.

    I seemed to have gotten a lot of insight on this young lady who was humble with a hint of Kanye and it was time for me to wrap up. I decided to ask her a final question. "Who will you compare yourself with", I queried. After a few seconds of scanning her mind, Kati G said, "I consider myself the P.Diddy of Ghana, cause I can do all things and the greatest thing about that is I'm a female."

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