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    IWAN angry with MUSIGA

    by zionfelix.net
    posted Wednesday, 26 October 2016 11:21| 0 Comments

    Dancehall artiste Iwan is not happy about how the Musicians Union of Ghana, MUSIGA sidelined him when they traveled to Tamale for a peace concert.

He accused the music body of being bias towards some artistes during events.

    Iwan could not fathom why MUSIGA flew AK Songstress to Tamale for the peace concert held on October 14 but left him behind even though they used his brand to seek for sponsorship deal.

    He continued that the decision by the association to drop him from the tall list of musicians billed for the ‘MUSIGA Peace Concert’ was wrong because he hails from Tamale and that was the right time to preach peace to his people.

    The alumnus of University of Ghana, Legon, alleged that MUSIGA usually flies unknown musicians for concerts outside the country instead of selecting registered members who pay dues.

“MUSIGA is not functioning well. They still work with people they know. Even though I’m part of MUSIGA, I can tell you that they do not include me in many things they do.

I wasn’t part of the peace concert, which was recently held in Tamale even though I come from that place but AK Songstress was taken to Tamale. I think one of the reasons why some people do not want to join the association is because after paying dues, some people we don’t even know are billed for international shows to represent us.

    With this tour they organised, it is the names they used for sponsorship that is why they had the deals so why didn’t they use those people for the concert?

I was part of the peace project because they chose my song, “No War” for the compilation but they didn’t take me to Tamale for the show.” he said.

    When MzGee asked Iwan if he has asked the organisation why he was sidelined for the peace concert, he replied, “their reason was on low budget.”

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