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    Beats for Mzbel and Kofi Kinaata’s songs different – Kwame Dadzie

    by zionfelix.net
    posted Wednesday, 18 January 2017 14:25| 0 Comments

    After publication asking if music producer Kin Dee ‘plagiarised’ beat for Mzbel’s “Otanfo” song to produce Kofi Kinaata’s “Confession”, many Ghanaians have shared their thoughts.

    Whilst some believe beat for the two songs are similar, others think others.

    One of the many people who do not see any similarity between the instrumentals for “Otanfo” and “Confession” is music analyst and deputy editor for Flex Newspaper, Kwame Dadzie.

    The radio presenter cum MC sharing his two cents on the supposed sampling of Mzbel’s “Otanfo” beat for the Highgrade Family signed artiste’s “Confession” song said both beats have nothing in common even though it was produced by one person.

    According to his analyses on Facebook, beats for both songs have different keys, different baselines, different tempos, different kick patterns and different instrumental accompaniments so he strongly disagrees with people who are accusing Kin Dee of stealing “Otanfo” beat for “Confession”.

    “I saw a story on my brother Asaasewura Santana Jnr’s timeline claiming that music producer Kin Dee stole a beat he produced for Mzbel’s ”Otanfo” for Kofi Kinaata’s ”Confession.”

I laugh die!

I have listened to the two songs done by the same producer and they are not the same:

    (1) They have different keys
    (2) The base lines are different
    (3) The tempos are different
    (4) The kick patterns are different: Confession is 1/1.Otanfo is 2/4.
    (5) There are different instrumental accompaniments in the two songs.” Kwame Dadzie posted on Facebook.

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