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    Eazzy promises to rock, Ikechukwu & J Martins added to 020 Live, D Banj coming tomorrow

    by Nii Atakora Mensa, Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 21 May 2010 21:46| 2 Comments

    Let Ghana Music.com explain to you how serious '020 Live' gig is. This is a rare concert performance by ‘Ghana Naija’ artistes.

    Wow, the show is ready, Accra International Conference Centre (The Dome) looks like it is going to be amazing which will be heavily painted red. The media support and promo is great! Fans are super excited and everyone is so happy that this concert has been scheduled but Eazzy is so extra excited about ‘020 Live’ that she has been ‘facebooking’ about it.

    According to Eazzy she is going to be performing all by herself, no dancers attached to her and she’s is going to beat the male artistes.

    “Am gonna rock the show bad because am the only lady on the bill and I have to make my mark”, she said.

    Paul and Peter of P Square were so thrilled about the concert so much that they promised to sow a seed by donating their time to the Ghanaian society to make a world of difference.

    Ruff-N-Smooth, Richie, Eazzy, and 4x4 also add their voices to how they were going to help in the society aside their performances tomorrow except Sarkodie who wasn’t on point but rather boasting about his fame.

    “We understand that our customers and employers like music a lot and that’s why we decided to say a big thank you with this Pan African concert for our first anniversary in Ghana”, Uche of Vodafone said.

    Currently the most popular musical attraction for the second quarter of the year, Vodafone pulled another surprise when they introduced   Ikechukwu and J Martins.

    The organizers of 020 Live, Rockstar 4000 said that D Banj will still make it to the show tomorrow even though he could make it to the press conference but his Mohits crew was already in Ghana. Ruddy Kwarkye, country director of Rockstar 4000 was the MC for the media briefing.

    Oh and if you are not there, you are going to be a lonely person because your loved ones are going to be there.

    In the meantime you can also follow us on our twitter account – www.twitter.com/GhanaMusic.

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