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    T Wizzle breaks silence with "Akum Baby"

    by Quame Jnr
    posted Sunday, 23 May 2010 18:06| 0 Comments

    He is undoubtedly the most fashion conscious artiste in the industry now and has an accolade to prove that. The self-made rapper has “SWAGGER KING” for an alias and has proven time and time again that he deserves the appraisal; as his costume on various platforms in the past year has been unique and extremely fashionable. Listen to Akum Baby by T Wizzle featuring Quata

    A brand new single is set to be released following his hit single “Swagger” which featured Quata and received massive airplay. When the video of Swagger was released the young, dynamic musician made a very simple and clear statement that he was in to stay.

    The video which was under the directive tutelage of Real House Philms caught up like wild fire and contributed extensively to his success as an upcoming artiste. The single “Akum Baby” is a complete masterpiece and clearly exhibits the dynamism of the rapper.

    Speaking to Quame Junior, the enthusiastic fashion genius was pleased to release his second single. “A lot of people heard Swagger and thought that I was going to follow up with another hip hop track, but far from that. “Akum Baby” is my prove to the world that I don’t limit myself to any genre of music. I do good music and that is what I have done.”

    “Akum Baby” is an upbeat afro-pop track with elements of indigenous African instruments and a dancing groove attached to it. The track is fast gaining ground in major clubs across the country and will surely be an all club favorite making it to the very top of every playlist.

    “I will be launching the album soon and will let my fans know when it right to do so. The video of “Akum Baby” is the next big thing to hit Ghana. Watch out… The Swagger King says so”.

    The Swagger King is in line for this month’s 4Syte Celebrity Bash and has fellow birthday colleagues Richie and a host of others.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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