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    Reggie Rockstone makes US$5,000 in first movie “White Is Black”

    by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Wednesday, 30 June 2010 15:41| 1 Comments

    Who says the movie industry is not lucrative. For many who doubt how lucrative the Ghana Film Industry has gotten in the last few years should take a close look at the industry players.

    The likes of Abdul Salam Mumuni, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Pascal Odikah and Emmanuel Apea through movies have established profitable businesses over the last few years.

    For the main acts like Agya Koo, Jackie Appiah, john Dumelo Majid Michel and Nadia Buari they have become millionaires overnight.

    Though he seems to have made so much from the music industry, I am pretty sure Reggie Rockstone after picking his cheque of $5,000 dollars at least as we hear from a deep throat source for a role in the latest movie WHITE is BLACK, he will be wondering why he has had to stay out of the movie industry for all this while.

    The likes of Hollywood super stars likes Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, 50cent and the likes have managed to blended singing and acting and hand made millions of dollars from both scenes.

    That has not really been the case in our part of the world. Not much has been seen of the musical parts of stars like lord Kenya, Genevieve Nnaji, Jym Ike since their last attempts at trying the other side of the entertainment world.

    With his first shot and performance in the movie WHITE IS BLACK, many are of the firm belief that the originator of hiplife has come to stay in the world of make belief.

    Playing the role as a middle aged typical African artiste called Nathan, Reggie with his trade mark locks is discriminated and rejected by a cross section of the public for his extremist Africanism, a situation prevalent every day in our societies.

    Unperturbed by this, Nathan later finds himself fleeing from the love of the very people who rejected him determined to remain resolute in his beliefs as a righteous African.

    A film that depicts the true African as against what the world has been made to believe. A story of how an educated middle age broken hearted lawyer, a victim of the misinformation on the black race later finds peace with herself as she is accidentally reawaken and oriented about the story of her ancestors.

    As expected, if this movie goes well, music fans especially of Reggie Rockstone might be contemplating on losing the idol to the fast growing film industry. For now we can only wait to see how movie lovers receive the king of hiplife.

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