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    Create category for GA musicians - Evangelist Allottey Quaye cries foul

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 20 April 2010 15:31| 1 Comments

    The recent Ghana Music Awards came under immense disparagement when some section of music lover thought the awards has not lived up to its expectation. Most music pundits thinks a lot more can be done to make theGMA more prestigious.

    It is with this that the ace musician has added his voice to bring to attention to the organizers of the events that a category in the award is missing. The musician is calling for the organizer of the event to include a Ga category since most of the songs are done in Twi and majority of the people speak Twi, it is very easy forTtwi songs to be an instant hit which relegate the Ga songs to the background. This make their beautiful works go on noticed.

    He believes that if they are awarded, it will help their works be appreciated by all and sundry.

    Evangelist Allottey is currently out with another album “Nnunsto Da” meaning My God Is Great.

    The songs includes hit tracks like 'Ebaafee', 'Baahere Mi', 'Nyomo Dromo', 'Nyomo Ji Agbo amongst other.

    Allottey Quaye, still conscious of his cultural background, maintains his Ghanaian identity in all his productions by singing in Ga. His African identity is vividly portrayed in the lyrics of his songs, as well as his videos.

    Evan. Allottey who has been in the music industry for about a decade now is hopefull that the future is bright for Ga music and Ghanaian music in general.

    He also entreats members of the general public desist from pirating their songs and buy CDs or tapes in other to enhance creativity and productivity. He says this is one of the factors which is killing the industry

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