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    KOD blasts producers

    by George Clifford Owusu, Daily Guide
    posted Thursday, 19 February 2009 13:49| 0 Comments

    A member of the Ghana Music Awards planning committee, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), yesterday, descended heavily on the executives of the Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry (GAPI) for issuing statements that if organizers of the music awards fail to include them in the organization of the event they would advise themselves.

    KOD said GAPI cannot in anyway force the organizers of the awards to include it, adding that Charter House, organizers of the event, had the right to decide who should get on board or be part of the organizing team.

    He declared that GAPI, made up of music producers, has no right to say that it has power to stop the organizers of the music awards from continuing with the organization of the event or force Charter House to include its members in the organizing team.

    Speaking in an exclusive interview with BEATWAVES yesterday, KOD noted that GAPI was crying wolf because last year, Madtime Entertainment, owned by Kwaw Kese, won the record label of the year, which it wanted one of its members to win.

    According to him, GAPI was fighting a lost battle because Charter House would not give in to its demand that it should be included in the organization of the event.

    “A good number of executive producers are not members of GAPI, including myself. Most of the top artistes who produce their own musical works do not belong to GAPI,” KOD declared.

    He revealed that last year the president of GAPI, John Mensah Sarpong, who was a member of the selection committee of the Ghana Music Awards, encouraged his members to boycott the event.

    KOD was of the view that since the members of GAPI have plans of organizing their own music awards, they should “shut up and concentrate on theirs” which, according to him, would be a total flop.

    He also suggested Charter House stopped organizing the awards since a section of the stakeholders had failed to recognize its contribution to the music industry.

    It would be recalled that last week GAPI petitioned the Ghana Music Awards organizers expressing concern about non-inclusion of music producers in the organization of the music awards.

    GAPI in a letter to the organizers of the awards warned that it would advise itself accordingly if they fail to put in place the right structures, saying, “This is our last protest to your office and this time around we will advise ourselves if nothing is done about it.”

    A letter signed and issued on behalf of GAPI members to Charter House by the president of the association, John Sarpong, noted that it has come to the notice of the association that organizers of the music awards have held several meetings on the 10th Ghana Music Awards.

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