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    Cecilia Marfo: I don’t wear panties

    by News One
    posted Thursday, 07 October 2010 17:18| 0 Comments

    A lot of things can easily happen when a Christian lady decides to walk in town with no panties but gospel musician Cecilia Marfo has confessed that she did not wear any underwear for nine solid months in her adult life.

    It was not because she wanted to look erotic or has an allergy for panties but she simply did not have any panties at all. She did not even have an old torn one to hold on to and had to go through hell anytime she menstruated.

    Cecilia Marfo is a female musician with a male voice and is best known for her hit song, ‘Afunu Ba’.

    She explained that prior to the release of the song, life was so hard that she would wake up at dawn and go to the Kumasi market to pick up pieces of rotten vegetables and beg for bones from butchers before she could prepare food for her family.

    She said the rotten food stuffs were so valuable to her family that they actually thanked God, danced and jubilated over them.

    She said apart from that, the only alternative was to drink water for breakfast, lunch and supper until her husband, Clement Adu Yeboah, decided to leave Kumasi for Accra to seek greener pastures at a time she was three months pregnant with her second child.

    According to Cecilia, she and her family lived in abject poverty that was so miserable that even the paupers called her poor and gave her money.

    She said she eventually moved to Accra to join her husband but he was still unemployed and life was not getting any better; thus there were several times she and her children went from street to street within the Ashiaman township begging for alms.

    The gospel artiste made the disclosure when she spoke to Delores Frimpong-Manso on her ‘DELAY’ show in an interview that was so moving that both the host and guest wept.

    She said the entire family had no clothes and they wore what could be best described as rags. The only additional clothes they had were given to them as gifts from people who knew of their plight, she added.

    With tears in her eyes, Cecilia narrated how she did not have money to buy soap to bath and antiperspirant, thus she developed an offensive body odour which made people hold their nose when they got near her.

    Cecelia said she maintained her faith in Christianity and remained loyal to her church and church activities until Esther Smith heard her sing at a church program and she recommended her to a music producer, Charles Sarpong, who took interest in her music and invested in her.

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