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    Scientific signs commercial warrant with "I Like You Girl"

    by nanayawwiredu.blogspot.com
    posted Friday, 15 October 2010 16:53| 0 Comments

    The hiphop artiste Scientific has signed his commercial warrant with his new single “I like You Girl”, the song featured Ghana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie and Elvis popularly known as EL. . Listen to I Like U Girl by Scientific featuring Sarkodie & EL

    EL created a danceable master piece, Sarkodie as always, lyrically treated the song like a new found girl and known for hammering on a danceable beat, Scientific had it right.

    ‘I Like You Girl’ is a tune everybody can jump to and is that kind of song that will get you to replay it.

    Surprising enough the song is not really the breed of song fans of the hiphop rapper expected, Efua from Pre Meridian said,” I didn’t really like Scientific, it was all because of the kind of music he was into but this new one is a song that will get me, and fans dancing at parties, clubs, the list goes on, so Yes, I welcome him.

    “I have been through a lot these past few years, there were times that I could not think of music, but God came to my rescue and that influenced my kind of songs”, Scientific told us.

    It has been a long time coming, “I started with 'Africa Unite', among others, than after my little encounter I dropped songs like 'Keep Pushing' and my life featuring Jay So, he added.

    Stressing on the fact that if called any time, he (Scientific) can do justice to a beat, it was proved in the new single, on the hand EL was on it, in terms of chorus and the whole singing swing.

    Coming from the camp of Wonder World, Scientific has been a loyal and faithful child with constant progress in marketing the wonder world dream.

    Being part of a new Africa creation of music, working with people like Chedar, Jay So, Richie, Marwan, among other members, Wonder World’s dream has been kept alive and is still in the process of becoming the new generation of Africa Music.

    A bit to his personal life, he hails from Liberia, Scientific is well cherished as an artiste over there and to his biggest lie he has ever told, he said, “I stole a meat from my mum’s soup during childhood days and when I was asked I lied to my mum that it was my cousin who did it”, Scientific said laughing.

    I appreciate the love from people, especially my fans in Ghana, and Liberia, there will be on single time that I will do without them or let anyone down, scientific final words.

    Signing off, with some bars… “Yeah, this is the long awaited time I am with my God father Reggie, Y’all ready know history in the making, check it, I didn’t do a track with Wyclef but I ciphered with him, I have bars like…. Easy Scientific.

    Meanwhile, tell your Mama and your Papa say I like you girl, the way you the move girl dey make I day sick... check out that sleek video and get a taste of the commercial warrant.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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