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    T-Wizzle celebrates first anniversary in style

    by nanayaw18.com
    posted Tuesday, 21 December 2010 08:40| 0 Comments

    The acclaimed King of Swagger in the music industry T-Wizzle is celebrating his one year of existence with more hustling.

    “I am most grateful to DJ Kess and the whole of Ghana for accepting me into the industry, a privilege I earned through the support of DJ’s  and I salute them, T- Wizzle‘s  words of appreciation.

    Funny as it may look exactly a year ago, DJ Kess and his entourage from Y107.9fm through to all other stations dropped the ‘Swagger’ song and then some weeks later the video followed, meaning that is amazing how time flies in the industry and Wizzle is set to surprise a lot of people.

    To mark his one year anniversary, T-Wizzle is looking at releasing a new song, probably the remix of Akum baby featuring Quata of Eight 4 label plus Paradise Entertainment and Teeno, a new French sensation in the country.

    He is also looking at satisfying fans with great performances come this Christmas season, from the 24th-31st of December.

    Signed to Victory Record label in the United States of America, Wizzle’s package for the new 2011 campaign is a video of Akum Baby to be shot by Steve Gyamfi (Real House Philms).

    “I thank every body, my fans on Facebook, nanayaw18.com, Ghana Music.com, Ameyaw Debrah and all those who helped by way of downloads or promotions, he lamented.

    "The best is yet to come from T-Wizzle as his first year in the game has seen great transformation", he believes the following year will be superb.

    “Don’t forget this year also I got signed to a US record label and that was made possible by you, my fans, I owe you one" were his final words.

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