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    Papa Shee'e turns Evangelist

    by Kwaku Adu Kumi, Adom News
    posted Thursday, 31 March 2011 10:46| 0 Comments

    Popular Highlife and Hiplife musician based in the United State of America, “Papa Shee” says he is now an evangelist.

    “Papa Shee” told Adom News he has been a preacher-man for more than two years and he is not ready to turn back on his words.

    Originally known as Nana Yaw Akosah, Papa Shee told Adom News that he had the calling when he was praying with his brother in the bush at Maryland-USA.

    Known for the use of controversial lyrics in his works-that sometimes attracted criticism from his Ghanaian music fans- Papa Shee disclosed that he will no longer compose any song that goes contrary to the word of God.

    “Even if I will sing or mount a platform to perform again it will be purely gospel,” he revealed.

    The former Hi- Lifer, Hip-Hop Artiste told Adom News he has initiated “The Lords Tower Prayer line” where he prays and counsels fellow believers on phone to strengthen their faith.

    Papa Shee has graced many Ghanaian entertainment events in Ghana and the USA; He was also the first Ghanaian musician to release a DVD on the music scene.

    He has received several awards including the African Hollywood Awards for Best African Hip Hop Artiste, as well as the first place Award from African Idol (USA).

    Also known as The Boy Wonder, Papa Shee is a phenomenal legend in his native country Asante Mampong, Ghana, and his intoxicating rhythms and lyrics have swept the hearts of many in the US.

    He started dancing since he was six years old where he became known early in his teenage years as a lead dancer for many famous Ghanaian recording artistes such as Dady Lumba and the late Akwasi Ampofo Adjei.

    Some of his famous songs are Mebo m'amanne sen nie (1994), Deda me (1996), Atadwe (2000), Koyon so (2002), Ate pa (2004) plus a DVD compilation in 2005.

    His first album was recorded in Ghana, his second in London while the third, fourth and fifth were done in Germany.

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