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    Prodigal of VIP stabbed in UK

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 08 August 2011 12:29| 2 Comments

    Ghana Music.com has gathered that Prodigal who visited Aura Night Club on St James's Street, London yesterday night, was stabbed in the hand.

    The hiplife rapper was confronted by a number of masked guys outside the night club.

    “Just can’t believe this happen to me in UK last nite at Aura nite club…was attacked by 10 guys with guns and knives with their face covered on my way to get in the car with my boys all because of my chain".

    He reportedly reached out to his followers on Blackberry broadcast telling them, the bouncers run away but he still managed to fight his way out.

    Luckily, he managed to keep his chain, money and phone but was taken to the hospital. It appears that, the stab wound was not a servere and life threating wound as he indicated he will be leaving the hospital soon.

    A quick check to his official Facebook page did not show any sign or posting of himself stabbed or hospitalized.

    Nestled discreetly on the prestigious St. James's Street in Mayfair, Aura is a haven of rich heritage and grandeur. Owned, in part, by airline mogul Tony Fernandes, events and motorsport entrepreneur Jonny Dodge and Supper Club owner Alberto Barbieri, Aura is unquestionably one of London's most in-demand destination venue.

    Ghana Music.com reached out to Dennis of Akwaaba UK, who said he knew nothing about this unfortunate incident and that VIP will be coming to Ghana tomorrow.

    Prodigal, the leader of VIP and the rest of the VIP crew were in the UK for the ‘Ghana In The Park’ event last Saturday. This event was organised by Akwaaba UK.

    Updated: Photos from Prodigal.


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