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    Chemphe calls for unity in global anthem

    by africaymca.org
    posted Sunday, 07 August 2011 12:29| 0 Comments

    Following on the heels of a highly successful year in the international arena, African music sensation and Africa YMCA Subject to Citizen (S2C) Champion, Chemphe, has broken into the lucrative South African market with his inspirational hit "One People (One Nation)".

    The breakout track was played on South Africa's popular urban youth radio station, 99.2 YFM on 26 and 28 July 2011. This comes after the successful launch of Chemphe's "New Day" album at the international global youth festival in Norway hosted by KFUK-KFUM where he performed the theme song, "Global Citizens" amongst others to an energetic and excited audience.

    Chemphe is said to be "feeling great" about "Global Citizens" since it closely echoes the words of Nelson Mandela, who has been a great inspiration to Chemphe over the years and enshrines the principles he has come to represent in the YMCA S2C programme, which focuses on developing youth civic participation, capacity and influence.

    The release of the song was set to coincide with the Mandela Day, the internationally recognised day of social activism and development declared by the United Nations in honour of the contribution made by Mandela to the development of human rights.

    As an S2C Champion, Chemphe feels an especially strong bond to the sentiments expressed in "Global Citizen", a song he wrote in tribute to  former South African President, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela.

    As he explains, "This song is a global unity anthem. We all cry for change but there cannot be change without us coming together and working towards a better tomorrow in love and respect. Madiba is a true global citizen and I proudly salute him. I dedicated this song to him because his life leaves footprints for us to follow."

    >For Chemphe, both "One People" and "Global Citizens" speak to the need for people to come together to bring change in their communities. Chemphe hopes that "One People" will ultimately, "help to shape the hearts and minds of youth and let them know that to integrate does not make them less human."

    He continues in saying that there is a real "need to forgive and look towards a brighter future. Together we will make a better South Africa and generation after generation will be proud of the positive moves we make today. I hope my music will help."

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