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    We have stopped performing for free - FOI

    by NewsOne
    posted Monday, 08 August 2011 21:08| 0 Comments

    Hip life duo Fruit Of Inspiration aka FOI, has told NEWS-ONE that its formative years were “not easy”. Audio: One More Time by FOI featuring VIP .

    The group said it went through a lot of struggles and even performed at certain functions and entertainment events for free just to be noticed.

    Although it is not boasting that it was now big, the group said it had put some of those things behind them, and one of such was performing for free.Video: One More Time by FOI featuring VIP .

    “Over the years, we managed to lay the foundation as a group and it wasn’t easy. Before, we used to go to shows when we were not invited and even performed for free, just to get people to recognize what we have. We can’t do that anymore because we have done that before,” the group said in exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE.

    FOI, made up of Abdul Hamid aka ‘Lil Kryz’, and Nuwame Apim Michael aka ‘Double Eye’, is not new on the music arena.

    It has been on the entertainment scene for quite some time and has shared stages with industry giants VIP, backing them in some of their performances across the country.

    Currently, it is flying with three released singles including their favourite, ‘We no go kpeme’.

    In January 2011, it premiered the video of one of its singles, ‘One More Time’ featuring VIP, at Reggie Rockstone’s Office.

    The event gathered a lot of music fans and top notch artistes as VIP, Sway, Richie 5Five, Iwan, Eazzy and Reggie Rackstone.

    It also headlined the first edition of Radio and Television awards held in Accra to honour media personalities this year.

    The duo said its debut album should be set by the close of this year. Its release is being delayed because the group wants to take its time and come out with very good songs that would make an impact in Ghana and the international scene.

    “We want to package the album so nice that it will come out so nice that it will be big across Africa. Before the end of this year, we should be out. We have something good and we don’t want to rush it. We have that patience and we want to take our time,” manager Joseph Marshall Agyepong added.


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