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    Wanlov and M3NSA incur wrath of Nigerians

    by Ernest Dela Aglanu, myjoyonline.com
    posted Tuesday, 16 August 2011 09:56| 0 Comments

    Music duo, FOKN Bois made up of Wanlov the Kubolour and M3nsa has incurred the wrath of many, especially Nigerians, for their latest track Thank God We Are Not a Nigerians.

    According to several comments from social media, the lyrics of the song, recorded two weeks ago, is distasteful and insulting to Nigerians and must be banned immediately.

    Part of the lyrics said: Kofi is a common name, that’s what even I say, But a Ghana man will never call a child Friday, Thank God we’re not Nigerians. You like school more than any African I’ve seen, Simple thirteen, you still say tharteen, Thank God we’re not a Nigerians…,These and many more have opened the ‘flood gates’ of insults on several social media sites creating tension between the two brotherly nations.

    But Wanlov the Kubolour, a member of the group has laughed off the attacks mounted on them saying there is nothing wrong with the song if only those bashing them know who they were.

    Wanlov speaking in an interview with Myjoyonline.com said, “If people read deeply into the song, they will know what is really going on with the lyrics. First of all, we didn’t even tell one lie in the song.”

    M3nsa’s wife, he disclosed “is Nigerian, so his daughter is also Nigeria. He is always eating eba [a lot of] Nigerian food; they have pounded yam and the rest. When am there that’s what I eat, I go to Lagos a lot, I have a lot of Nigerian friends and artistes. So we just did it in a certain jest.”

    “If you are a Nigerian who knows FOKN Bois, then, you won’t be worried because you know that we love Nigeria more than the average Ghanaian. You have to know who we are to understand the song, if you just take the song as two people who are saying something then you will get angry, that one I can’t blame you.”

    The words of the song, he stressed, are just for fun and if one pays close attention to it, the song is rather bashing Ghanaians stating, “Nigerians are very proud of their traditions, their accomplishments and so on and we look up to them. By us teasing them, we are really teasing ourselves, Ghanaians, because we wear more suits than the Nigerians.”

    He said the song which was supposed to hype up fans ahead of the Ghana vs. Nigeria football match, scheduled for August 9 but was cancelled due to riots in London should be taken in good faith as there is nothing wrong with two 'brothers' teasing each other.

    The song is part of several other ‘teasing’ songs on their yet to be released album, FOKN Wit U. The album is however expected to hit the market by close of year.

    Wanlov and his Afro Gypsy band just returned to the country after what he tagged as a hugely successful European tour.

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