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    Musiga to re-orient hip life artistes

    by Doreen Avio, Hitz FM
    posted Wednesday, 14 September 2011 11:14| 0 Comments

    The Director of High Life Music for the Musicians Union of Ghana, (Musiga), Nana Tuffour says the union will re-orient Hip Life artists in Ghana in order to embrace the hi-life rhythms.

    Nana Tuffour was appointed director in charge of hi-life music by the Obour led administration. Nana Tuffour contested against Obuor for the Presidential slot at the 5th quadrennial Congress held in Tamale.

    Nana Tuffour is one of the Directors the Obuor-led administration has appointed to spearhead the activities of the various genres of music. A source close to Obuor said appointments of other Directors will be made in the coming weeks.

    Nana speaking in an interview with Hitz FM noted that Ghana’s culture and tradition is basically about Hi-life music. He added that Hiplife has come into the music industry and has rhythms to go with the American and the western influences.

    He noted that it is nice because of its rhythm and the drum beats that is more danceable but it is driving music in Ghana to a level that looks like we don’t have any identifiable rhythms now.

    He added that during his term of office as the Director of Hi-life, he will marry the two genres, Hi-life and Hiplife music so that the result will impact on Ghana’s music in order to make it very identifiable and will be played by the young and the old.

    It will also help sell Ghanaian culture.

    Nana Tuffour also indicated that they will integrate the Hip-life and Hi-Life genres through a series of workshops and symposia for members of the union.

    He expressed optimism about the success of the initiative at the end of their four year term in office.

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