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    I’m ready for 2012 – Sala

    by George Clifford Owusu, Daily Guide
    posted Thursday, 05 January 2012 20:32| 2 Comments

    Sala,  an upcoming  afro-pop music icon whose presence in the music industry has been welcomed by music fans, yesterday told BEATWAVES that in 2012 she would make her presence felt by  her fans who have waited for far too long to see her live on stage.

    A large number of Ghanaian music fans who have listened to Sala’s songs and watched her music video on TV, have described her as one of the few talented music icons whose talent goes beyond the borders of Ghana.

    Sala’s songs are motivating and soul-touching, and though it is obvious that they were composed and sang by a young Ghanaian artiste, the rhythms and beats in her songs could easily compete with those on the international music market, declared a music fan in a chat with BEATWAVES.

    Salamatu Yakubu aka Sala, who looked determined to win glory internationally, promised that 2012 was a journey of no return, adding that her unique style and the zeal to achieve would get her there, adding that she was bringing nothing but the best of music.

    “I am ready for 2012. I want to make sure I break boundaries. I am going to set a record. I want my fans to feel my presence this year,” she declared.

    The sensational afro-pop singer who does not limit herself to only afro pop but can blend afro-pop with hiplife, hiphop, rag-life, among others, is a great talent and definitely too hot to handle.

    With her silky voice, Sala hinted that she was ready to exhibit her creative talents anytime she had the chance to perform live on stage. According to her, her creative skills, stagecraft, dancing skills and her style of performance would surely be acknowledged by music fans.

    “Sala is ready for the world. She sings very well and will not be restricted to Ghana or Africa but will go beyond all boundaries to compete with those already on the chart.”

    In addition to her musical career, Sala is a model, a songwriter and a budding actress in the making. She first had her talents acknowledged while she was studying in Europe, majoring in the Arts.

    This young, energetic and pretty music star who released two hit singles, ‘Fakye Me’ and ‘Just The Beginning’ last year, has been groomed into a professional star to meet the challenges ahead of her.

    BEATWAVES gathered that this year, Sala will release seven music videos. Currently she has already released two music videos – ‘Keti Keke’ and ‘Kasa Low’ – which are making waves on the scene.

    Her manager, Duke Banson, CEO of Paradise Entertainment, a music label managing Sala, told BEATWAVES that “We could make the world stand up and notice Africa in a different light, culturally. The talent is amazing, but I do not think they are getting the right opportunity to showcase it”.

    He said Paradise Entertainment was made up of totally committed music professionals who were creative in marketing solutions through events and television production.

    “Our philosophy is to interact with our clients, allowing them to work closely as part of the creative process. We create complete solutions, from identity creation, full marketing strategies and brand development as well as event management with an unbeatable track record in event organisation which make us stand out undisputedly,” Duke Banson declared.


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