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    After naked exposé: My only interest is my music not what I wear – Raquel retorts

    by Ernest Dela Aglanu, myjoyonline.com
    posted Saturday, 21 January 2012 11:29| 0 Comments

    UK born Ghanaian songstress Raquel after being in the media for exposing her private part on stage during a performance in December 2011 has finally broken silence on the matter saying the whole incident was funny and a joke.

    The controversial nude pictures dominated discussions in the showbiz, with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) intervening after some press houses threatened to publish the said pictures.

    Raquel who is behind the hit single Sweetio which features Sarkodie reiterated that she more or less cares less about the saga but rather she is concentrating on her musical career, adding that public reactions to such incidents are unfair, most especially to female musicians.

    The singer, speaking for the first time after the incident, told Joy News that she “thinks [this whole thing] is funny, it's just a big joke. I don’t pay any mind to it and I have fans out there that don’t pay mind to it, my only interest is my music and not what I wear or eat.”

    In her opinion, “there is never going to be a day where they are not going to say anything about a musician,” stating that some of her good friends, “Mzbel, she’s been through it, Eazzy has been through it, they’ve all been through it and it's just crazy and it’s hard for females when you are in this industry. There is nothing you will do that will ever please anybody."

    She maintained: “Nothing has changed, Raquel is still the same, I am still the same person. To my fans, there is no need to get offended because at the end of the day you are probably going to hear stuffs about me every day but is it up to you to choose whether you believe it or you don’t believe it.”

    The songstress is preparing for her first major performance after the saga at an event dubbed Raquel live on the Dodi Princess’ on the Dodi Princess cruise boat on the Volta Lake, January 27. The songstress will get up close and personal with her fans and also treat them to some of her well known hits.

    Raquel revealed that she is putting finishing touches to her album which will hit the market soon.


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