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    Ghana music is like a public toilet – A-Plus

    by Graphic Showbiz
    posted Friday, 10 February 2012 21:37| 0 Comments

    Commenting on what is current in Ghanaian society in his songs and A Plus says the music business in Ghana at the moment is like a public toilet.

    He thinks the music scene here is a very difficult terrain to operate in and salutes those who are sticking in the there and managing to make a living solely out of making music. “Sometimes you get so frustrated that you want to just leave it and find something else to do. The music scene is really like a public toilet. Those in it want to get out while those outside want to get in.”

    A Plus has been known for about a decade now for the unique style of social commentary in his music and his occasional forays into stand-up comedy.

    In a recent interview with the Showbiz newspaper, he pointed out that though making money from music in Ghana is difficult due to the lack of certain appropriate structures, the situation is compounded by the wide access to the internet.

    “I hear the gospel musicians sell a bit but it is not possible in today’s Ghana to make ends meet just by making music and selling it on compact discs. “What you may have to do in music here now to make some money is to get some live shows, endorse products, offer your music as ringtones to telecommunication companies or sell on the internet. That’s why I’m not too much concerned about making money from the music I do.”

    A Plus’ latest musical work is titled Ye Ke Ka (It is being rumoured). It touches on current matters like whether Jerry Rawlings would campaign for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in this election year, the Alfred Woyome saga, Nana Addo ‘pissing’ at certain places and footballer Mario Balotelli’s famous hot temperament.

    Though the money may not be coming from his brand of social commentary music, A Plus says he is happy with the kind of attention he gets from all sections of the society about his music.


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