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    Be Black marks International Condom Day

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 13 February 2012 16:13| 0 Comments

    BE BLACK (Bismark Asare) marked today 13th February International Condom Day in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

    The International Hip Hop Artist of year at the 21st Los Angeles Music Awards and HIV/AIDS Activist gave out free condoms, HIV/AIDS brouchures and stickers which quotes "AIDS is not a curse it's an infection which can be prevented" courtesy of BEING ALIVE (LOS ANGELES) and his own foundation - GODASARES.

    This is part of his campaign which he embarked on the 1st July, 2011. According to the artist, today's event was targeted at taxi drivers but later turn out to be a general campaign due to the level of interest from the public.

    He further explained "I initial choose taxi drivers because they carry passengers from all sort of lives and if we educate them well they may impact most of their prospective passengers.

    It was surprising  as most of the public thought it was due to the Valentine's Day that's why we doing the campaign and had no idea of the day been International Condoms Day.The day was perfect and has sent alot of signal to many who still had the idea that AIDS is a curse. As we celebrate this day I urge all to opt for condom use.

    He further stated the campaign doesn't end today it's on going and will take another level on the 6th and 7th of March, 2012 and also on April 30th on the international scence as he performs in long Island, New York in the USA.

    He also said there is a Housing project at Nkurakan, a suburb of the Eastern Region which will serve as a Home for HIV/AIDS patients and welcomes support from the government, non governmental agencies and individuals.

    There will be a dispatch of groups who will go out for donation to help complete this project and pleads to the public to support.

    "I do appreciate all support given to me by BEING ALIVE (LOS ANGELES) and friends namely Ibrahim Salifu, Florenda Quartson and Cecilia Rhule", he ended.

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