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    Nana King turns Man of God

    by Francis Addo, NEWS-ONE
    posted Thursday, 14 May 2009 08:41| 0 Comments
    NEWS-ONE has gathered that top Ghanaian hiplife/hip-pop musician, Nana King, is now a born-again Christian and performing miracles in the United of States America to an extent that when he mounts the stage with his wife in a song ministration people, are touched and moved by the holy spirit, with many falling and crying.   

    On Wednesday, Yaw Sakyi, host of TV Africa’s Rundown who was on holidays in the US, dropped the ‘bomb shell’ when Okyeame Quophi, who stood in for him, spoke with him live from the US.     

    Information attached to the singer’s profile on myspace.com seems to confirm the story. It says while Nana was in Ghana, a man of God went to his house and said he was led by the Holy Spirit to come and pray for him. That initiative by the said man of God led to Nana’s first spiritual awakening to getting closer to his maker.

    A prophet also prophesied to Nana who was born William Osei Amankwa Konadu Jr. and told him to go back to the US where he was born to receive God’s blessings and plans for his life.  Nana decided to obey the prophecy and went back to Los Angeles, after almost ten years of stay in Ghana. He however wanted to remain R&B/hip-hop artiste and released The Beginning on the internet and it topped some of the indie charts but Nana was still not fulfilled.

    Information reaching NEWS-ONE indicates that, another man of God in the US who is Nana’s family friend, Bishop Charles Oppong, was launching his book and asked Nana to come and minister a song to the congregation. Nana had one gospel song that he wrote in Ghana called ‘Jesus’, which he ministered and the entire church was shaken to its very foundation. He continued to go the church, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and never turned back. His latest album, The Covenant, takes Urban Gospel music to another level, by bringing younger people to get closer to God.

    According to the website, the album shows off his vocal ability and lyrical intelligence of the Lord’s word. It’s a 10- track album that talks about God and his mercies and grace, life, death and challenges and temptations of the enemy. Praise The Lord!

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