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    Charter House PR goofs on air

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 06 March 2012 17:06| 0 Comments

    Organisers of Ghana Music Awards, Charter House representative, Mrs. Juno Abena Ehigie Dadson made a statement which didn’t go down well with hiplife/hiphop rapper, Asem.

    On last week Saturday's Rhythmz A-Z radio entertainment show which is hosted by Nii Ayi Tagoe on Joy FM. Asem joined the panel who were called to discuss stories that happened over the week.

    When it got to the turn of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Asem didn’t agree with Charter House because he felt Tiffany's song, 'Last One'  featuring Castro should have been nominated and also R2Bees be included in the nomination list even though Eduwoji of 'Yenko Nkoaa' fame had more 'blasphemous' lyrics.

    Juno claimed Tiffany didn’t submit her forms to be nominated but Asem hit back at Juno saying that he felt if she didn’t apply, the organisers could have still nominated her because she had a song that was very popular.

    When the discussion went on further, Juno made a statement that the board put Tiffany in 'Best Collaboration Song of the Year' because they felt she would win there.

    With what Juno said, it made it look like Charter House already knew the winners and put artistes in areas they know they would win.

    Asem quickly pointed out again that, the song they nominated her for was for Fuse ODG who crafted the song, 'Azonto' featuring Tiffany and not Tiffany's own song.

    The public has for some weeks frowned on Charter House for not including Tiffany's, Last One and Cash Units, 'Ayoo' in the nomination list

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