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    Tired of the lies...Mimi sets the records straight

    by Derrick Addai
    posted Wednesday, 17 June 2009 15:53| 0 Comments

    Upon her arrival from the Big Brother, sensational singer Mimi was embroiled in all manner of controversies especially concerning some of her actions in the BBA house and her rumored relationship with hiplifer, Captain Planet. Just when folks seem to have heeded her call for them to “leave her alone,” more allegations seem to be cropping up about her. Watch Leave Me Alone by Mimi feat. 4x4

    Blakk Rasta may be known by most and perhaps admired in some quarters for his seemingly blunt and controversial anti-establishment rants on his weekday show “Taxi Driver” on Hitz FM. The reggae artiste cum presenter, who was disqualified from the Ghana Music Awards for his abusive rants, seems to over step his boundaries and gets carried away with some of his comments. Listen to Fa Ma Me (That Dance) by Mimi feat. Tinny

    Recently Blakk Rasta has been discussing Mimi’s personal relationship on his “Taxi driver” show. In his latest ,woefully unnecessary rant, the presenter has been going on about the singer’s love life, making allusions to a perceived failed relationship with baritone voiced VIP rapper Promzy, as well as a rumored romance with self professed ‘king of urban life’, Chemphe.

    According to Blakk Rasta, Mimi supposedly revealed gory details of a previous relationship with the hiplifer, to him in a recent interview on his show. The radio presenter also discloses on his show, that Mimi, whom he claims has affection for her male counterparts in the industry, is currently entangled in a relationship with Chemphe.

    After listening to Blakk Rasta make all these comments for sometime, I decided to find out the truth behind all of it. Speaking to the singer also known as ‘Divalish’ by most fans, she expressed shock horror at the comments made by Blakk Rasta and said there was absolutely no iota of truth in the comments. According to Mimi she was absolutely rattled by his comments after she had been prompted by some friends who had apparently been listening to the show; especially since she happens to have a very healthy relationship with the presenter, whom she describes as being “more like family.”

    A seemingly enraged and distraught Mimi expressed grave disappointment at Blakk Rasta’s misleading comments and says though she did have a relationship with the Hiplife emcee a long time back, absolutely none of the comments referred to by Blakk Rasta were true of their relationship. She maintained that, they both remain great friends and were actually in the process of recording a track together for her upcoming “Divalish” album. She expressed the hope that the misleading comments would not have any negative effect on their relationship.

    On the issue of her supposed interview with Blakk Rasta, she said, she could not for the life of her, phantom how Blakk Rasta could mislead his listeners to such an extent, since to the best of her knowledge, she had never even featured on the his reggae show.

    What about rumors of a romance with Chemphe? Mimi says, both of them are just really good friends and denies that there is anything intimate between them. She makes the revelation however, that they have recorded a romantic duet for her upcoming “Divalish” album, produced by Kaywah, who is also said to be working on Chemphe’s upcoming LP.

    On her music career, the Diva has just released her sophomore single titled “Tattoo,” incidentally, a groovy love song that tells the story of unforgettable love that is apparently stuck to her like a “tattoo.” Listen to Tattoo by Mimi


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