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    69 year old dazzles at 'Grab The Mic'

    by The Buzz
    posted Monday, 29 June 2009 15:05| 0 Comments
    Just like Susan Boyle shocked UK and the rest of the world with her amazing singing talent, on Britain’s Got Talent, 69 year old Wilfred Arthur brought it hard in the ongoing ‘Grab the Mic’ singing contest.

    At first glance Wilfred Arthur looks like your ordinary grandfather; it is when he is given a microphone however, that his unique abilities begin to show. The agile old man was among over 300 people who turned up for auditioning at the maiden edition of Star Beer’s ‘Grab The Mic’ powered by Empire Entertainment. Seated in the midst of young contestants perhaps the age of his grandchildren, many just stared in amazement whiles others seemed to dismiss his chances entirely. He was soon to dumbfound the judges and fellow contestants alike, proving everybody wrong.

    Nicknamed Eider Mireku immediately by the judges for his surprisingly nimble footed two stepping and his understandably old school moves on stage, the retired military personnel, managed to impress so much that he made it through to the final ten contestants for the zonal finale.

    Wilfred says he took part in the competition because of his inability to attract a producer to finance and promote his music career over the years and hoped that with his participation in the competition his fortunes could get better. For his perseverance, Grandpa Wilfred Arthur went home with a gift bag and assorted products Star Beer.

    Another interesting personality was CK Ayabbah, a King Ayisoba “wannabe” with his traditional ‘gong.’ He managed to make it to the final five but failed make the cut for the last three, due to what judge Cox Tamakloe termed as “his continued lack of originality despite possessing obvious amazing talents.”

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