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    Herty Borngreat turns rapper

    by James Harry Obeng
    posted Saturday, 13 October 2012 09:15| 0 Comments

    By the time the curtain is drawn tonight on the much-publicized RTP Awards at the Accra International Conference Centre (the Dome), a lot more Ghanaians would have seen the other latest side of the crown-princess of gospel music, Herty Borngreat.

    People – such as radio presenter Bola Ray – who have seen this other side tell The Spectator that Herty Borngreat has indeed become a fascination to watch, especially when she mounts the stage to perform.

    The reason is that she now raps! Yes, a rapper – in addition to her already-known singing.

    It would be recalled that she recently recorded two popular songs, Kano Sei Ara and Bebree, with rap musicians Trigmatic and Sarkodie, respectively.

    However, it has been gathered that anytime she is invited to perform at events, she is not able to get Sarkodie and Trigmatic to go with, so they can rap their respective verses.

    The two rappers are usually said to be engaged elsewhere by other similar activities.

    And Herty cannot also perform both songs on stage without the rap verses. So, this is what she dealt with the situation. She has learnt and memorized those raps verses very well that when she starts rapping, one may even confuse her for a conventional rap musician.

    But hey, make no mistake it is still Herty Borngreat the gospel songstress, who is now rapping like nobody’s business.

    She may, thus, as some people think, be considered as the country’s first woman gospel singer to turn into a rapper.

    No wonder some music fans have started calling her Herty Rapper. She recently showed her rap form when she performed at this year’s Ghana Gospel Industry Awards (in July) and the Miss Road Safety 2012 (last Friday).

    Tonight, she will demonstrate the same form when she performs at the RTP Awards, and follow it up tomorrow with two shows at the Universtity of Ghana, Legon. The first one is a gospel rock show being put together by the Mensah Sarbah Hall as part of its Hall Week celebration.

    The other is an Artistes’ Night being organized by Empire Entertainment. However, as many music her fans would try to catch a glimpse of her rapping, it must be noted that a fresh controversy might only be a distance away from ‘arresting’ her.

    Why? In Ghana, many gospel musicians have received severe bashing for going out of their traditional ‘Christendom’ zone to experiment with other music genres considered secular – and Herty’s new-found rap form is no exception.

    But we wish her well, though!

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