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    Asem mocks Sarkodie, Keche, Eazzy, DKB and more on new single

    by Ama Kes
    posted Thursday, 01 November 2012 09:59| 0 Comments

    Critics have said his stage name 'Asem' mirrors his music career, and controversy has been a part of his image right from his' Give Me Blow' inception to date.

    After Club bangers like Pigaro, No More Kapayor and etc, Asem broke new ground in the year 2010 and erased all doubts in the minds of critics about his talent and creativity when he released one of the most creative rap piece titled Fylla.

    This song got great reviews and a few mixed feelings due to the nature of its content where he intelligently crafted issues pertaining to the showbiz industry and personalities within the year in review. Audio: Last Fylla by Asem

    After the success of Fylla fans and pundits wondered what Asem was gonna do next in 2011 and the pressure fuelled the witty smart rapper to dig deep into his creative pockets and he brought out The Last Song which was similar to FYLLA in terms of humour and how it involved other artists. But this time the subject matter was more about the biggest songs that were released that year and he played on the lyrics and hooks to tell a story about himself and his issues, and it instantly became a street anthem.

    So now its 2012 and right from January social media has been buzzing in anticipation of what the WBDN man will bring this time around. So quoting Asem's own words from his 'No More Kpayor' Hit, 'The Wait Is Over, No More Weight On His Shoulder', like his intro in the song' third time is always a charm' .

    With a smile on his face Asem disclosed that this is the final chapter that closes the Fylla Last Song series and its titled LAST FYLLA. Asem explained the title was informed by the fact that the song is a combination of both the fylla concept and last song idea hence the title.

    Asem went on further to say how much time and dedication he's put in the song and hope and prays the fans love it like how they embraced Fylla and Last song.

    He then sent out a message to all his fans and critics to follow him on twitter @AsemWorld and give him feedback on the song once its released online today 1st November 2012.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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