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    Jon Germain ranked 8th on World most listened to Epic ballads

    by peacefmonline.com
    posted Thursday, 01 November 2012 14:12| 0 Comments

    Ghanaian rock star Jon Germain’s hit single ‘Tell Me’ is making great strides on international platforms months after it was released.

    The song has been ranked eighth by America Magazine, on its chart for epic ballads that the world is currently listening to.

    The magazine reports stated, “Ballad production is cranking up globally for the many different markets served by pop internationally, and even though half the world is entering spring, not fall, songs of love and its complications are an infinitely renewable resource.”

    “Here are 12 low-tempo songs from around the world that can strike a chord regardless of language.

    If you’re the susceptible sort, you may wish to grab a box of Kleenex before you get very far into the videos,” was how http://www.theatlantic.com described the songs that made up the list.

    The Magazine went on to say, “Jon Germain has been a well-known radio and television personality in Ghana for a decade, but he only began his forays into smooth R&B in 2009.

    ‘Tell Me’ is his newest single and a moderate hit in Africa, but it would sound entirely plausible coming from US radios, with production as coolly lush as anything Drake or Chris Brown has sung over in the last year.

    The last time the US record industry invested in an African pop star, he was Akon.

    Germain deserves at least the same success.”

    Jon’s song beat that of Javed Ali from India (ranked ninth), Tego Calderón from Puerto Rico/USA (10), Rodrigo Costa Félix from Portugal (11) and Sergio Járlaz from Chile (12).

    On top of the list was Wanting Qu with the song ‘You Exist in My Song’ from China/Canada.

    That was followed by Sekouba Bambino from Guinea and others.

    Interested music fans and observers can check the list online via: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2012/09/the-epic-ballads-that-the-worlds-listening-to-from-chile-to-thailand/262798

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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