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    Osei Arjemann promotes Christ through music

    by Daily Guide
    posted Wednesday, 02 January 2013 21:49| 0 Comments

    A young and enterprising gospel music star, John Osei Arjemann, has stated his intention to use music to promote the work of Christ.

    Osei Arjemann, popularly known as Gospel CID, is a seasoned, spirit-filled gospel singer who usually sweeps gospel fans off their feet whenever his music is being played at public functions.

    In a chat with BEATWAVES, Osei said he has worked tirelessly for over a decade on his musical career to make a mark in the Ghanaian gospel music scene.

    Known for his unique delivery and his stylish Twi, Osei Arjemann always makes an impression with the kind of work he produces.

    Osei’s music career started a decade ago and his performance with some top musicians and gospel musical groups spurred him on to take up music as a career.

    His two albums on the market have the potential of becoming big hits considering how they have gained public appeal.

    Talk of lyrics, arrangement, instrumentation and sound quality, music fans will surely grab his CDs after listening to songs on the albums.

    His music is basically a combination of the traditional gospel rhythms mixed with other danceable gospel tunes, and his creativity is superb.

    Osei Arjemann, who is an evangelist, music producer and a member of Pillar of Zion Church in Kumasi, has composed a number of songs for certain gospel musicians in the country. He disclosed that he released his first album in 2002 and the second album in 2007.

    According to him, his albums have what it takes to bring the heavens down and empower every listener to burst into worship.

    He told BEATWAVES he started music at a tender age while in school, adding that he started full time music at the age of 15.

    He said since he joined the gospel music industry, he has had the opportunity to use music to educate people about the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    “I intend to take gospel music to the international level and also use gospel music to educate people about the teachings of Christ,” he said.

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