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    Sister Deborah is not a lesbian

    by Nii Ogbamey Tetteh
    posted Wednesday, 16 January 2013 21:22| 1 Comments

    Model, Television Presenter, Fashion Designer and Singer, Debroah Venessa (kid sister of controversial musician  Wanlov The Kubolor), is one of the newly emerged musicians making waves very fast on the music scene and the fact that she has not been sighted with a male, be it a friend, lover or husband, has sparked speculations that she may be a lesbian.

    “Hell no, I’m not a lesbian, I’m not even a bisexual, I’m straight and I love men,” she said in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE.

    She explained that even though she is not a fan of gay and lesbian relationship, she does not believe that people should be condemned based on their sexuality.

    “I don’t think they should be condemned because we are all human beings and we need to respect their rights and their sexualities. Since we are not God, we can’t explain why a person feels a certain way,” she said.

    Meanwhile, the entertainer says she is enjoying the popularity her song ‘Uncle Obama’ is getting after her interview on CNN to clarify issues on the song. She said the number of views on her YouTube page shot up massively after the interview.

    Singer Deborah Vanesa has said unlike her brother Wanluv Kubolor, she can’t leave home without wearing underwear.

    “I can’t do without a bra. Unlike my brother I always wear underwear,” she told Fashion 101 host Sandra Ankobiah.

    Vanessa’s response was to a question on what she can’t leave home without. On a typical day at home, Vanessa explains she could do without make up but would go for a nice Tan top, and what she prefers to call “nice chale wote”.

    Touching on her flawless sense of fashion, the ‘Uncle Obama’ singer says most of her designs are inspired by works from the 20s and 50s, adding that she would normally go for a touch of elegance, colour and quirkiness.

    “I take inspiration from the 20s and 50s,” she said.

    Apart from the extensive one on one interview with Vanessa, last weekend’s Fashion 101 looked at fashion editorials and how it can be improved locally.

    Resident panel member Chester Ani, as well as two guest panel members, Charlene Asare and Rachqael Williams, expressed varying views on the subject.

    All three, however, agreed there is a lot more to be done in that department if Ghana is to be taken serious as an emerging fashion powerhouse.

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