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    Mr. Tee attributes selfishness to the slow growth of Ghanaian music

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 06 February 2013 18:45| 0 Comments

    Mr Tee is a pioneer in Ghana Music who is known in real life as ‘Mr Tee’. After stepping back to handle business, ‘Mr Tee’ has returned with a new single ‘ALOMO DZATA’ produced by popular Ghanaian music producer, ‘Appietus’.

    The song was produced mixed and mastered by ace music producer ‘Appietus’ during his recent visit to Accra fro UK.

    ‘Mr Tee’ began his music career in Ghana as a back-up singer with the ‘Grass Root Band’ in 1990 where they performed at high profile sows and tours.

    He later took to writing, funding, and supporting other young talents who also became household names in the Ghanaian music scene.

    Currently working with international music channel MTV, the Ghanaian artiste is ready to bounce back in the scene with full force after taking time to study the works of the global music industry in relation to Ghana all along. He blames the reason for slow growth of the Ghanaian industry on the fact that most players in the scene are very selfish.

    Set Ashly describes his style of music as Hip Life fused with traditional high life and Reggae with influence of Afrobeats.

    With works yet to be released for his fast growing fan base, Set Ashly plans to work with starts such as Sarkodie, Psquare, Sway, and TinchyStryder because of their own individual uniqueness and different appeal.

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