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    Lynx Entertainment disciplines Eazzy

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 03 September 2009 17:54| 2 Comments

    The sexy vibrant adorable star signed under Lynx Entertainment is said to have been disciplined by management of the Ghanaian award winning record label, Lynx Entertainment. This was made known to the press after a lengthy meeting on Sunday 30th August 2009 at Lynx premises.

    Eazzy was said to have made a rare appearance at “The Temple” in Achimota that ended up in a “Fan Rushing scandal”. Excited fans upon sighting the jovial sexy star, rushed on her in typical paparazzi style trying hard to have a moment with the “Bo Wonsem Ma Me” star.

    Eazzy however escaped untouched. This incident occurred on Friday 14th august 2009 at the Seduction party.

    Information from a close source to Lynx said immediately Eazzy’s appeared at “The Temple. Excited fans rushed out of the club awaiting the arrival of the sexy Eazzy. When she appeared, ever joyful fans rushed unto her screaming “Eazzy” and “Bo Wonsem Ma Me” repeatedly. Listen to Bo Wonsem Ma Me by Eazzy

    Speaking to the press after the incident, Eazzy expressed a mixture of shock and happiness from her encounter with her fans at the Temple. She also admitted that she exposed herself to unexpected danger due to raging fans and rather loose security. Eazzy has accepted in good faith the disciplinary actions taken against her by her record label Lynx Entertainment. Eazzy in her own words said “Lynx wants the best for me and as an artiste under them; I need to comply with all directives from them”.

    In true professional style, the directors of Lynx Entertainment have put certain disciplinary measures on Eazzy to protect her image and keep her in check. Eazzy is not to be seen in publicly without any professional purpose. She is to keep up good ethics and high professional morals as an artiste.

    Eazzy’s hit single “Bo Wosem Ma Me” which had its radio release in late May 2009 is doing very well and receiving amazing airplay.

    The club banger keeps club lovers dancing all night especially with the track’s different touch of hip-hop.

    After teaming up with Tinny for the remix of “Ringtone”, Eazzy is expected to release two more songs before the end of this year.

    Fans can look out for tracks like “Sexy Baby” featuring Tinny which will be on the much anticipated “Lynx Compilation”. Fans should also lookout for the single “Wengeze”.

    With her sexy tone, versatility and stunning looks, Eazzy proved herself a professional when she rocked the platform at aphrodisiac nightclub during her official launch party dubbed “Exposure” on the 4th of July 2009.

    With all said and done, EAZZY is gonna rock you BAD!

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