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    It's 7 Faces of Guru Music & Friends concert

    by Nana Yaw Wiredu, 18newspaper.com
    posted Wednesday, 29 May 2013 12:04| 0 Comments

    Empire Records, management house of hip life artiste Guru has disclosed that the rapper will soon host a musical concert dubbed: ‘7 faces of Guru Music & friends concert.

    According to the label this concert will be the artiste’s first major self-owned big platform as he gets ready to thrill his fans to some exciting performances.

    The event is set to be a night of music and comedy which will take fans as well as the people of Ghana through the transformational brand process of the artiste.

    In explaining the 7 faces, Guru said, ‘the faces talks about the characters I have played in all my music videos. On the day fans will witness me as a broadcaster, an activist, preacher, Father, Old burger, Hip life rapper and a perfect Gentleman’.

    He added that when I say this, I want fans to think around songs like ‘Kasiebo’, Democracy, ‘Mmaa Kuo’, ‘Nkwadaa Nkwadaa’, ‘Akonta’, ‘Karaoke’and‘Lapaz Toyota’.

    Basically the ‘7 faces of Guru Music & friends concert will explain his music journey so far in the industry. On the stage to thrill fans will be a line up of other superb artistes including all the names he has ever worked with.

    The label noted that details of this great show will be released very soon but for now they want his fans to know that the only man with different characters as an artiste in the music game is coming with something worth watching.

    Even though his entry into the music cycle was a bit controversial, we know that now is the time to say thank you to the people (his fans) for their support.

    On the night, music will meet humor coupled with thrilling performances that will keep you on your dancing feet. The 7 faces of Guru Music night is coming soon get ready.

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