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    Nii Okai on wheels to save 10

    by afrovibez.com
    posted Tuesday, 25 February 2014 20:55| 0 Comments

    After successfully launching his 'Moko B3 @ 10 Saving Hearts Project' in December to commemorate 10 years of releasing a timeless song that unveiled him to the gospel world, Ernest Nii-Okai Okai is set to embark on a nationwide Church tour to raise funds to finance the heart surgeries of 10 needy Ghanaian children of 10 years and below with cardiovascular diseases, across the 10 regions of Ghana within 10 months.

    In an exclusive interview with Afrovibez, the celebrated hymnist revealed that beginning March of this year, there will be a Church tour to be held in each of the 10 regions of Ghana. The churches will be selected by his team but there will also be an opportunity for others who wish to invite him to their Churches in support of the project to do so.

    The excited Minister reflected that ìitís been 10 years of Godís faithfulness and graciousness; God called me and gave me a song that has put me on an interesting and exciting journey of saving hearts spiritually. This project is to complement that gift of God in a physical but impacting way,î he explained.

    T he project is in collaboration with the Ghana Heart Foundation and sponsored by Standard Charted Bank and First Capital Plus among others. It will be crowed with a thanksgiving concert on the 21st of December; the exact day Moko B3 was released.

    He however disclosed that a new album is already being prepared and lovers of Moko b3 will be served with a new and refreshing Moko b3 tune.

    An account with the name NII OKAI MINISTRY/SAVING HEARTS PROJECT is accessible at any First Capital Plus branch for people who wish to contribute in saving more hearts.

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