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    Joey B & Mzvee for Smirnoff Ice Jungle Rave

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 29 September 2014 16:36| 5 Comments

    Smirnoff Ice, a product of Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd, Ghana’s only total beverage company and a subsidiary of Diageo PLC is the initiator of the Double Side Campaign.

    In line with the brand’s purpose of making good times better for many people, Smirnoff Ice will be bringing the jungle to the beach come Saturday, October 4 with an exciting and unique party, dubbed “Jungle Rave”.

    This unique party that will see the beach double up as a jungle will be held at Iroko Beach, Kokrobite in Accra.

    Two of Ghana’s exciting performers, “tonga man”, Joey B and “natural girl”, MzVee with acclaimed DJ Black behind the turntables are going to be at the show to provide unique entertainment for loyal customers.

    “Smirnoff is a brand passionate about exciting its consumers in a unique way by making good times better for them. Jungle Rave is the biggest  party at the beach yet to be experienced in Ghana and it’s in line with what the brand calls the double side campaign”, said Mrs Solange Kuimo, Head Of Innovations & Marketing Manager Spirits.

    She added that they will create a jungle at the beach to inspire a double side atmosphere: “we are bringing the jungle to the beach and this has never been done before in Ghana. The Double Side Campaign truly captures the essence of fun and Jungle Rave will encourage  a connection between consumers and their other side come Saturday, October 4”, she concluded.

    Consumers can gain entry to the Jungle Rave party by purchasing 4 Smirnoff Ice Double Black  or Smirnoff Ice Red from selected outlets including Shoprite and Game (Accra Mall). This will qualify them for tokens that will admit them to this exciting experiential event. Jungle Rave will feature exciting games and interactive activities such as limbo, Double Side Maze, Ice Dip, Double Dice Board Game, and Crown Mine where participants will dig up and search for Smirnoff crowns to win special prizes. There will be free transportation at the Accra Mall at 12 noon to convey persons to the venue.

    The Smirnoff Double Side campaign is aimed at giving young adults the opportunity to break free from their typical lifestyles. It is an integration of fun activities on social media and on-ground activations that provides the platform to socialize and relieve stress in responsible and exciting ways. Smirnoff Double Side campaign creates the platform for the young adult to show the other side of their character not known to their peers to give them a feel of their unusual self. This event will be for persons above the age of 18 Only and consumers are advised to drink responsibly.

    Smirnoff Ice is a Ready to drink alcoholic beverage. Smirnoff is sold in more than 130 countries. There are 2 variants of Smirnoff Ice sold in Ghana. Smirnoff Ice Red and Smirnoff Double Black Ice. Smirnoff Ice red has a refreshing taste of lemon and is cloudy. Smirnoff Double Black Ice® is a Smirnoff Ice® variant which is triple filtered for a crisp, clean bite and is a clear liquid.

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