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    Hook Up Party comes up 31st July

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 19 July 2010 15:44| 4 Comments

    Hook Up Party is an exciting event that seeks to connects young vibrant single adult together.

    The objective of this event is to serve as a social medium for young single and middle aged adults between 18-35 yrs from different cultural backgrounds to “HOOK UP”. Guests will experience a sensational night out at club Aphrodisiac and the opportunity to take chances by interacting and dancing the night away, coupled with great mix of music until the early hours in the morning. “THE HOOK UP PARTY” will be organized here in Ghana on the 31st of July 2010 at the Aphrodisiac Night Club.

    The hook up party is the first of its kind in Ghana, unlike the traditional method of blind or speed dating, where single adults who are looking for true love will converge in classy bars and meet other singles, exchange phone numbers and go out on a date.

    “The Hook Party” uses these traditional mechanics but with a more modern and trendy approach.

    The hook up party will help single adults increase their social circle hosted in a fun, relaxed and interactive atmosphere at the Aphrodisiac night club, probably Accra premiere‟s party venue.

    The venue has low lighting and cozy seating lounges perfect for mingling and socializing and the emphasis will be placed on encouraging guests to mix and mingle.

    Empire Entertainment will create a memorable experience for guests by creating a participatory and fun packed event that will create excitement for guests/attendees. Guests will be greeted on arrival from the hook up squad (Branded Females) who will usher guests and give them a lock or key for the icebreaker activities.

    The court yard of the night club will be transformed into a chill out lounge, guests who want to relax and converse can do so at the chill out lounge. The chill out lounge will have sofa‟s, cocktail tables,low lighting, a mini bar, ice cream stand, red carpet, waiters, who will serve guests who have ordered drinks, a projector screen which will be showing music video and movies.

    The evening will kick start with introductions to our ice breaking activities and prizes to get attendees to mingle. Lock and key - Unlock the chemistry... lock and key game provides the ideal opportunity to approaches many people as you want to, with some fantastic prizes on the spot. What happens? When you see someone that takes your fancy, approach them and ask him or her to see if your lock or key are a match.

    If you match, take as long as you like to chat and then pop along to the locksmith‟s desk where you will be given a prize and a new lock/key. Then off you go to find more potential matches.

    Photo flirt wall – Guests can have their photo taken. These photos can then be printed out digitally in a few seconds and guests can add it to the hook up party photo wall.

    Guests can look through the photo wall for people they like and leave a message on a 'flirt card' for them or your email address or telephone number.

    Dance competition - There will be a dance hall competition, where 4 groups of two people (one male and female) will be formed. These groups will go through 3 rounds of competition: Round one will be the dance hall round. Round two will be break dance round. Round three will be the salsa round After the three rounds the hook up party 2010 dance king and queen will be produced based on the crowds voting.

    At 12 am, the MC will open the dance floor where guests will be treated to great music from some of Ghana's greatest DJs namely DJ Black and DJ Nii Ayi who are bound to keep guests entertained,creating opportunity for guests to find their partners on the dance floor.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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