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    Yolanda Brown, Sway and others to mark Ghana’s Independence Day in style

    by Ameyaw Debrah, jamati.com
    posted Wednesday, 04 March 2009 10:48| 0 Comments

    MOBO award winning saxophonist, Yolanda Brown, will join a host of other international performers to celebrate Ghana’s 52nd Independence Day Anniversary in grand style at the Wembley Banqueting Hall, South Way, UK, on Saturday March, 7.

    Artists on the bill include Castro, Sidney, Bolli, and several others from Ghana. They will be supported by UK acts like Sway, Donaeo, Darnell, Kig, May 7, Gracious Nappa Man K, and Tribal Magz.  There will also be a comedy showcase hosted by Eddie Kadi (BBC 1XTRA), Richard Blackwood & Kat (Choice Fm) and Baba Tunde. Not forgetting a special fashion show by K’kya Designs (Sheelyblaze).

    The ceremony will be hosted by some of the best DJs in UK including  Abrantee (Choice FM), Ace & Twin B ( BBC 1XTRA), Manny Norte (Kiss FM), Ruff N Tuff, Alordia & Skoobi, Skob And Gizmo, Big L, Voice & Vibes(Fresh Meets Finesse, Cli, Nevada, Moonlight), Spark-E Devious, Darkchild, Funk Butcher, Knowledge, Jump Off Ent., Romon Vito. They will play the best in hiplife, highlife, afro-beats, soca, funky house, soulful garage, slow jams, reggae, old skool and R&B classics.

    Ghana’s Independence Day celebrations will be held in Ghanaian communities across the globe. But this is the official celebration for Ghanaians in the UK and it is being hosted by the Kings of Ghanaian parties, West Coast Entertainment, Alordia Promotion & Abrantee. The theme for the celebration is “1957 - 2009 52 Years of Independence Ghana Championing Excellence.”

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