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    Higher Praise on Boxing Day

    by myjoyonline.com
    posted Monday, 20 December 2010 09:55| 0 Comments

    It is almost impossible to talk about how gospel music has evolved in Ghana without acknowledging the contribution of the Joyful Way Incorporated. For the past 38 years, this group has pioneered contemporary gospel music in the country.

    Since they released their maiden album, ‘Joyful Noise’ in 1978, Joyful Way has never lost its vim.

    They have been consistent in that regard, and have so far released 13 albums; the latest, ‘HIGHER PRAISE 2011’ will be launched on Boxing Day, December 26.

    The best way to sample ‘HIGHER PRAISE 2011’ is to be part of the thousands of music lovers who will find their way to the National Theatre on Boxing Day to witness Joyful Way’s annual ‘Explosion of Joy’ musical concert.

    Over the weekend, the group had a pre-launch of the album at an impressive ceremony at the M PLAZA hotel which attracted several important personalities and stakeholders in the Ghanaian music industry.

    Amidst joy, they treated the audience to a teaser of what to expect on Boxing Day. It was indeed a foretaste. The mood of ‘Explosion of Joy’ concerts is always spirited, and flows with emotion.

    This year’s will not be an exception considering the pedigree of guest artistes and groups scheduled to perform.

    A host of choirs, Kofi Duah Anto (KODA), and Joyful Way Phase 2 will be performing on the day.

    ‘HIGHER PRAISE 2011’ album speaks volumes of the musical disposition of Joyful Way. And what makes this album really stand out is its well-balanced instrumentation.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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