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    FOKN Bois to perform live for a worldwide audience

    by Ernest Dela Aglanu, mjoyonline.com
    posted Tuesday, 20 September 2011 19:41| 0 Comments

    Ghanaian controversial music duo, FOKN Bois, made up of Wanlov the Kobolor and M3nsa, has been named as part of artistes to perform in a worldwide live concert on Wednesday, September 21 in London.

    The concert, JustJam concert (Series II) will feature a lineup of some of UK’s grime music acts, DJ Dan, aka D Double E, Scrufizzer, Cameo, Joe Grime, Serocee, Fresharda, Tuggawar and FOKN Bois all perform live for a worldwide audience which will be streamed live via the internet at dontwatchthat.tv.

    Being the biggest independent grime scene music event, Wanlov told Myjoyonline.com in an exclusive interview from London Tuesday that the show holds a lot of untold mysteries for the duo who are set to unleash some of their surprises to the world.

    He said their fans across the world should expect, “songs we have never performed before or they have never seen us perform like Want To Be White, Sextra Terrestrial Sex,” adding “crazy things will happen Wednesday.”

    The group has been in the news for some time now for their controversial Thank God We Are Not a Nigerians track which has received worldwide, especially from Nigerians, condemnation for its lyrics.

    Interestingly, Wanlov said they will perform the song for the first time at the concert: “Worldwide exclusive performance of Thank God We Are Not a Nigerians is going to happen.”

    The FOKN Bois arrived in the UK last week Wednesday. They performed with Ghanaian born UK artiste, Sway at the first in a series of shows put together by Metro Live in London the next day.

    The duo also performed on Friday at the Afrikoko event also on London. According to them they are currently in the studios recording a couple of songs.

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