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    Jamaican artiste Lincoln Brown brings his music to Ghana

    by buzzgh.com
    posted Saturday, 10 March 2012 16:49| 0 Comments

    Celebrated Jamaican songwriter, composer, producer and entertainer Lincoln Brown, is poised to storm Ghana with his brand of soothing and groovy dancehall, reggae and lover’s rock tunes.

    A phenomenal act by all standards, Lincoln has successfully taken his music to many parts of the world and is especially popular in Jamaica, Austria, Germany and other European countries; now with his latest single, “Girl you are amazing”, he is set to rule the airwaves in Ghana as well.

    Born in Jamaica , Lincoln says he had the feel for music right from the start. He wrote his first song at the early age of 14 and it resulted in the hit joint “Oh sweet Mary”. That song went on to win a song contest and resulted in him performing the very first time in his career in front of an audience of over 2.000 people. His audience was enchanted and this planted the seed for his musical career.

    Hear Lincoln talk about his music; “Music gives me such joy! Ever since that first moment music and singing has become one of the most important parts of my life.”

    Since that first performance, he has evolved into an amazing and experienced performer on stage who hardly disappoints his audience. He is very flexible in his repertoire and is just the right entertainer to liven up live concerts or any other kind of event anywhere in the world.

    His performances have enthralled his audiences and according to him, he can hardly wait to treat Ghanaian audiences his energetic and exciting live performances.

    Over the years, Lincoln Brown, has gathered a vast amount of stage experience from performing in some of the finest hotels, concerts, and has sung for a variety of audiences: at private parties, on cruise ships, at seminars, company balls and a variety of major events.

    Without a doubt, Lincoln Brown is a world music gem and it is believed that he can bring his great music and worldwide touring experience to bear on the local music industry. He’s certainly one international act to watch out for in the coming weeks.

    Lincoln Brown has officially signed on to Ghanaian record label Empire Records which currently handles one of the most sought after acts on the local scene, Guru, and is famous for churning out successful acts such as Ruff n Smooth and many others.

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