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Bibie: Ghana’s 1st female act to go global with over 1m sales of ‘Tout Doucement’

Her songs are known everywhere French language & culture is spoken & lived.

Bibie, also known as (Bibie Brew) is a renowned Ghanaian, French international singer known to French audiences worldwide.

A young contestant on The Voice Kids 2020 by the name, Chloè perfomed ‘Tout Doucement’ an iconic song originally wonderfully interpreted and made famous in the 80’s by Bibie.

The Voice Kids – France resumed its seasonal auditions airing on Saturday, 13th, September on TF1(Television France 1) nationwide.

Bibie is reputed for making this very beautiful evergreen song ‘Tout Doucement’ a massively successful smash hit in France and French territories: Europe, Africa, Asia and the America’s (North and South).

Her songs are known literally every where the French language and culture is spoken and lived.

‘Tout Doucement’ sold over 1 million copies in less than 3 months of its maiden release in 1985, remained top of the hit parade for weeks on the French International music sales and is still selling and played today.

Bibie is Ghana’s first female singer to be internationally recognized by her incredible success in record sales at the time and a natural popularity in France and Europe till now.

She’s also the first Ghanaian female artist to sell a million copies of a song internationally.

Bibie is a household name in France and loved by a very wide French audience worldwide.

She is not only considered as a legend due to her iconic song and six French albums that followed over her 35 year career as a performing and recording artist in France – she is an outstanding contribution to the popular French music culture and also to the developing Creative Industry of Africa.

Since 2007 in Ghana, Bibie founded the New Morning Arts Café & Creative Centre where she dedicates her years of experience and gift of music mentoring, coaching and assisting in the development of African talents.

Though very discreet about her life, Bibie’s contributions as a Ghanaian and African international artist in the music industry in general is very notable.

Thank you Bibie for your amazing legacy to the creative arts and thank you France for celebrating our African music legend.

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