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Dela Botri: A marvel on the ‘Atentenben’

Stream 'Lorlor' EP here!

Renowned Ghanaian flutist, Dela Botri has released his sophomore EP titled Lorlor (Love) on the 27th August 2021 which features Epixode and other acts.

The EP features acts like the current Vodafone Ghana Music Awards dancehall artist of the year Epixode, Hanx Bekx, Kwame Junior and Sowah.

The production credits go to Gomez Beats and Wazumbi with Ryan Kafui being head of production and video. Lorlor means love, and Dela Botri shares his love across the five (5) songs on the EP. Stream Lorlor EP here.

The project is a mixture of different sounds but with a base being Highlife with calypso and the traditional Ga sound Borborbor. Expect to hear languages such as Ewe, Ga, English and Twi.

The top pick song from the EP is Yaa Amponsah featuring Epixode and Sowah. It is a feel-good high tempo highlife number with a catchy chorus. Dela Botri is the founder of Hewale sounds and has played on major stages across the world.

About Dela Botri

Dela Botri, known as the founder and leader of Hewale Sounds is an internationally acclaimed musician. Father of the ‘Gouda’ music group and grandfather to many musicians who come to him for career advice, a word of encouragement, and collaboration. Botri is actually more than a traditional music artist.

He is an exceptionally talented and versatile musician, the finest artist who plays all the chromatic scales on the Atenteben. This Ghanaian traditional musical instrument is a flute made out of bamboo. Botri is the mastermind of the development of the capabilities of the atenteben to fit all music genres due to his capabilities of reading and writing music.

Botri composes and arranges all his music, while improvising, creating, improving, and extending traditional rhythms, beats, and sounds. His music stands on the interface of tradition and modernity. He waxes into the contemporary while keeping a link to his roots.

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