You will need an anesthetic after you’ve heard Kweku Radikel

The underground artiste goes hard on the beats that he lays his words on thereby causing a lyrical cephalgia in the listener’s cerebrum.

That is too much biology for this article.

Let’s get deep down with the man Kweku Radikel and find out what’s behind his whole attitude to music and why, why is even rapping when he has a Bsc. in Anesthesia to focus on.

Given the name Prince at birth, Kweku feeds his audience with hiphop fused with a blend of English, Pidgin English and a touch of Fante, Ewe and Ga. The number of languages my man here raps in is extraordinary.

Revealing further that he is from Awutu-Breku in the Central Region, Kweku spent most of his early years in the land of the Volta. After completing first cycle education in Ho (where he got to represent his school in rap competitions), he then proceeded to the school that VRMG boss Edem attended, Bishop Herman College in Kpando.

This is where it gets exciting, Kweku Radikel say he is in his final year reading Bsc. Anesthesia at the University for Development Studies Tamale campus, School of Medicine. Surprising? Don’t worry you’ll recover from the shock too.

We had asked how he was managing maneuvering through both he said “It’s a passion though it’s not easy combining both but so far so good. God is being good.” Well.

The 1990’s had everyone falling for the hip-hop culture that was at its peak during that period. Kweku says the hip-hop of that period grew his love and desire for rap by “listening to 2Pac , B.I.G , Nas, Jay Z and some few big guys in the industry but I listened to 2Pac more because he was my favorite artist.

In Ghana Lord Kenya, Obrafour and Reggie Rockstone also influenced me whiles growing up”. The list of artist is enough to see his potential. Surely he needed some sort of boost or motivation to keep up with the rap trends.

Kweku revealed his source of motivation is nature and its beauty. With that as your source of motivation how can you run out of lyrics? That’s the man Kweku Radikel.

We gave him the last words opportunity, fingers crossed he doesn’t use any big medical words.

“I want to use this medium to promote Anesthesia practice in Ghana since a lot of Ghanaians do not know much about Anesthesia though I don’t rap about it. And most importantly reach out to the weak, vulnerable and the destitute in our society. I’m looking forward to working with a lot of very influential guys in the game because I’m here to stay.”

He, is Kweku Radikel!

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