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When Nicki Minaj & Beyonce came to Ghana Meets Naija 2017

Over the years, we have been fortunate – we have seen internationally acclaimed artists come to Ghana; Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Bow Wow, Keri Hilson and many others but we yearn for more.

We have still not seen the two most popular female acts in the world (arguably) – Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, and Ghanaian music fiends would love to see them perform in Ghana – and last weekend, our desire almost came to pass – almost!

Thanks to best female rapper in Ghana ( eat your heart out- she is!) Eno, and the best, not sure what she is best in, but scrap that, Sista Afia is who am referring to; we got Nicki Minaj and Beyonce right in front of us at the Ghana Meets Naija music concert.

In Eno’s mind, she is the Nicki Minaj of Ghana, and why not? She is a good rapper like Nicki, she’s got the swagger like Nicki, and she’s got the sex appeal like Nicki – no, we lied, she’s got no sex appeal like Nicki Minaj, but Eno doesn’t know this.

So, with all elements of Nicki, Eno was pumped up, ready to show Ghana, that, Nicki got nothing on her – nothing!

With quite a good entry, she emerged from the coffin in a horror-filled set, clad in a cloak. There came the impressive opening lines, then the cloak came off, then the hoodie also came off and viola’ – we had our Nicki Minaj.

Thank you Eno, for channeling Nicki Minaj. We are extremely grateful!

Sista Afia As Beyonce

Shatta Wale has uncountable hit songs and not many expected him to perform his feature on Sista Afia’s song, but he did and the performance of that song is not what piqued our interest – it is the Beyonce we saw.

Truth is; the wear of bikini-like/ swim costume apparel was popularized by Beyonce, so, when Sista Afia got the call from Shatta Wale to come out and perform their single, she felt it was the perfect time to make Ghana know that indeed, she is the Beyonce of Ghanaian music.

She had the energy like Beyonce, she paced up and down the stage like Beyonce does, she ‘wined and grinded’ her waist like Beyonce and she had the look and sex appeal like Beyonce – no way, cut the last part, we lied again!

Reality Check

Sex Appeal is good, as it counts in the marketability of female artists but not every act needs it. Adele doesn’t need it, and Sia doesn’t, so check your brand to know, if the element of sex appeal is needed, and if it is, how you can sell it, without affecting the sensibilities of patrons.

To Eno, it is good to take inspiration from a chart-topping artist like Nicki Minaj, but you can’t be Nicki – be you! You have rarely nailed it with your costume anytime you are on stage. Please fix it!

To Sista Afia; you have a good voice and addition of the sex appeal is acceptable but do not make it distasteful. Please fix it!

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