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tilde has released the ‘Ian Roots’ EP

Hailing from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, tilde (also known as tildexist) embarked on his musical journey very early on in life.

At the tender age of four years old, tilde began playing the piano by ear. It wasn’t long before he found himself wrapped within the soothing sounds of the keys and losing tracking of time.

As time progressed, tilde found himself joining his school’s band becoming a percussionist but also dealing with life-changing circumstances. At eight years old his mother was deported back to their native country of Nigeria, leaving behind four children and her husband.

A few years later his father would suffer a stroke, which would ultimately change how the family would operate moving forward. Tilde used music as a way to escape the unfortunate events life had thrown his way and bring joy to those in need.

The fundamental skills he developed as a percussionist while in middle and high school would prove itself to be very useful as he entered college at Kennesaw State University.

During his four year stint at the university, tilde began to see music as more than “just a hobby” but as a career. Around that time tilde started to experiment with making beats and forge a friendship with an old high school acquaintance.


Through that reconnection, 3lo, an Atlanta based production group was formed. It wasn’t long before the group began touring with local independent artists along the southeast, landing interviews with indie-centric music blogs and creating official remixes for major artists such as Atlantic Records’ Ravyn Lenae.

Upon graduating college and receiving his degree, tilde decided to pursue another adventure as a solo artist and songwriter.

This new chapter has allowed him to experiment with different sounds, challenge his creative threshold and maintain sole artistic control.

You can hear the various influences through his latest body of work “Ian’s Roots.”

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