Tripcy and Mega EJ hold listening for Hasty EP

New artists Tripcy and Mega EJ held a well attended EP listening that introduced them as versatile artists to be on the look out for.

With a mix of shyness and street sense, Tripcy and Mega EJ interacted for the first time with fans who by now would have been totally sold onto the craft if the two young artists.

Hasty, a 6-track EP released on Friday 4th December 2020, sees the duo switch from performing on two songs to one of them having his own song.

From the first track Hasty, to Bloombar, Tripcy and Mega EJ have served a the perfect meal that can only be associated with their names.

This makes a perfect blend of their abilities and gives credence to what they want to do in the Ghanaian music industry.

After a back and forth filled with mini performances of the songs on the Hasty EP, Tripcy and Mega EJ answered questions posed to them by the media present.

As controversial as some of the questions seemed, the duo managed to answer whiles drawing applause from the audience gathered

We are not here to do follow the crowd” was a resounding reply from Tripcy to a question posed during the EP listening.

Apart from fully acknowledging their abilities, the duo carried the aura of pacesetters and of a duo who are not prepared to be counted with the lot, but to standout in the music industry.

Time can only tell how far Tripcy and Mega EJ can go in the Ghanaian music industry.

In attendance was Tripcy’s manager – Ransome Mensah Kisseh and his road manager – Christian Zonyrah who were all impressed with the number of people who came out to support Tripcy and Mega EJ.

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