Minister Paolo gifted a car by Brian Amoateng after live stage performance

Known for his energetic stage presence and praise ministrations, Minister Paolo is the latest recipient of an automobile kind courtesy Brian Jones Amoateng.

Joining a host of other anointed minstrels to bless hearts on Friday 8th January was Minster Paolo who mounted stage and gave patrons a thrilling experience in God’s house.

As expected of his delivery, he charged up the atmosphere with his powerful vocals, vigorous dance moves and crowd controlling superpower.

It was at the peak of his ministration, while in his element, that the renowned youth-oriented pastor and convener of the widely-acclaimed International Youth Empowerment Summit (IYES), Brian Amoateng was moved to gift Paolo a car – just like that.

In his words, Brian Amoateng confessed, “I was enjoying the way he mobilized the youth and charged up the atmosphere during his ministration at Thankful.

I was just about to capture a video of him on stage with my phone when I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to gift him a car. I couldn’t help but simply obey the voice of the Spirit”.

That is how a now overwhelmed Minster Paolo is jubilates and boasts of being a proud owner of a car that he didn’t pay a pesewa for.

It’s an inspiration to keep doing what you do best to further the agenda of God’s kingdom. You don’t know who next God will touch to be blessing unto you.

You also never know who is silently watching! Do it all with excellence that men may see and give glory to God in heaven.

This and many more have been the testimonies of God’s goodness that He manifested in overflowing proportions at Thankful 2021.

These testimonies haven’t stopped pouring in since Saturday!

Anticipate Thankful 2022! And in the words of Cwesi Oteng, “You just might be Next In Line for your BREAKTHROUGH”

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