Experience Tehillah X with Ohemaa Mercy & your favourite Gospel stars on August 13!

Ghana’s vibrant gospel music scene is set to ignite with the highly anticipated 10th edition of Tehillah Experience, the nation’s biggest annual gospel event.

Hosted by the anointed and ace hitmaking minstrel, Ohemaa Mercy, Tehillah X promises an unforgettable evening of worship and praise. As gospel enthusiasts eagerly await this spiritual spectacle, let’s delve into the details of the event and what attendees can expect on this auspicious occasion.

Event Details:

Date: 13th August 2023 Venue: Oil Dome, Royal House Chapel Time: 4:00 PM Admission: Free!

Ministering on the night include Efe Grace, Michael Stuckey, Rama Antwi, SK Frimpong, Michael Mahendere, Kofi Owusu Peprah, Diana Hamilton, Joe Beecham, Sunmisola Agbebi, Uncle Ato, among other surprise acts.

Ohemaa Mercy: The Guiding Light of Tehillah X

As the host of Tehillah Experience, Ohemaa Mercy has earned a revered position in Ghana’s gospel music landscape. With her anointed voice and powerful ministrations, she has touched the hearts of countless believers.

Over the past nine editions of Tehillah Experience, Ohemaa Mercy has consistently raised the bar, creating an atmosphere of profound worship and spiritual connection.

A Decade of Worship and Praise:

Celebrating its 10th milestone, Tehillah X promises to surpass all previous editions in grandeur and spiritual impact.

For a decade, Tehillah Experience has been a beacon of hope, bringing together people from all walks of life to bask in the divine presence through music and worship.

Attendees can expect a soul-stirring evening as they collectively pour out their hearts in adoration.

Feel the Fire of Worship:

Under the theme “FIRE & FRAGRANCE,” Tehillah X invites worshippers to immerse themselves in the fiery passion of praise. Ohemaa Mercy, along with other renowned gospel artists, will lead the congregation in heartfelt songs that uplift and inspire.

The event aims to ignite a spiritual fire within each attendee, encouraging them to draw closer to God and experience His divine presence in a profound way.

A Sweet Smelling Fragrance before the Throne of Grace:

As worshippers raise their voices and lift their hands in adoration, the atmosphere is expected to be transformed into a sweet-smelling fragrance before the throne of grace.

Tehillah X seeks to create an ambiance of worship that transcends the earthly realm, touching the very heart of God. It is an invitation to experience a deeper level of intimacy with the Divine.

Inclusivity and Unity:

One of the remarkable aspects of Tehillah Experience is its ability to bring together people of diverse backgrounds, denominations, and cultures under the banner of worship.

This annual gathering fosters unity among believers, emphasizing the universal language of music and praise.


As the countdown begins for Tehillah X, gospel music enthusiasts and worshippers across Ghana are eagerly anticipating an evening of spiritual transcendence.

Ohemaa Mercy’s anointing and the power of collective worship promise to make this milestone event an unforgettable experience. Tehillah X is not just a concert; it is a divine encounter that will leave a lasting impact on the hearts and souls of all who attend.

Mark your calendars for the 13th of August 2023 and join in this powerful celebration of worship, unity, and love before the throne of grace.

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