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Dellasie to change how Africans are perceived with her music

DELLA$IE is a true renaissance woman. An NYC native with strong Ghanaian roots; evident in her unique style and unique sound. An underground style icon, influencer, muse, but most importantly: a diversely talented artist with a lot to say and share with this world.

As a young girl growing up in NYC in the 90’s, Dellasie was exposed to a lot of music. From the soulful melodies she sang in her church choir, to the jazz tunes of Miles Davis and Fela Kuti her father would play at home, and the funky hip-hop sounds always blasting from her headphones via Hot 97.

Years of classical piano and cello lessons made Dellasie a holistic artist from a young age. After graduating from United Nations Int’l school, where she met her longtime rapper-boyfriend, Dellasie went on to Emory University in Atlanta where she began her hip-hop career in music and media.

During college Dellasie interned for DON DIVA magazine, where she interviewed Talib Kweli (who would later become a friend and great inspiration that motivated her to re-start her career).

He initially sparked Dellasie’s dream of becoming a successful artist. She put together a demo at an infamous recording studio run by a crew of hip-hop artists called THE LIUNS DEN. The demo landed her a chance meeting with Star Trak’s top A&R ROB THOMAS — which was very promising, but didn’t pan out after Star Trak split from Arista…. 
Dellasie continued her journey, completed her degree in Marketing and Journalism, and returned to New York City with a new plan.

Dellasie used her media skills, continued interning (Ebony Magazine, King Magazine, Don Diva and others) and eventually created her own lifestyle blog (COOL CRUEL WORLD) that showcased talents from the NY underground music and fashion scene (as well as her own). With the brand’s success, she used her new platform to fully re-launch her music career (in 2010). 

Since then, Dellasie has completed 2 mixtape projects (Triple Threat Tragedy + T3: RELOADED) and her EP project “INTL COKE” will release digitally on AUGUST 25th. She has performed twice at CMJ and SXSW — as well as played at SXSW in Austin again in 2014 for the VANS skate-wear company. She then went on to headline a show at HOUSE OF VANS in New York. Last winter Dellasie financed her own North-Eastern mini-tour that hit: Delaware, NYC, NJ, Philly, Boston and DC.

She will be shooting her next video this September in Paris. 

Dellasie is known for her high-energy performances, witty wordplay and a fiercely unique sense of style. She has built a brand that not only encompasses the diversity she possesses but inspired fashion, style, art and the New York experience. 

Dellasie continues to hone her craft and create songs that are iconic, relatable, catchy and real. Her personal style catches the eyes of many and she has been seen in publications such as NEW YORK TIMES, VOGUE, H.O.N.Y, EBONY and more for her sense of style. She also works as a muse for several high-profile photographers, and friends.

”It’s all about the 3P’s : patience, progress and positivity”, says Dellasie. “You have to be tenacious and attack your dreams like a fierce wolf, full of determination and faith. I’ve come a long way and have even further yet to go, but I’m focussed. I will get there.”

Dellasie wants to change the way Africans are perceived in the media and entertainment. She would like to change the conversation in music on a global scale with music that is smart — but fun, rhythmic and addictive. Hence the title of her current EP “INTL COKE”.

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