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Out Now! SILVASTONE releases the Evolution album

Evolution, the much anticipated 10-track album is SILVASTONE’s fourth long-form project and marks a new leaf for the artiste.

“I am so excited to finally present my new album. It’s been an eventful journey getting here and I’m grateful to be in a position of sharing myself through my self-composed and produced music.

These ten songs encompass the constant progression of my musical growth and outlook. My Evolution”.

True to his signature sound, SILVASTONE illustrates his ever-creative hybrid style of fusing various genres over a strong backbone of Afrobeats.

Out Now! SILVASTONE releases the Evolution album

Expect to hear healthy doses of HipHop, UK Rap, R&B, UK Garage, Amapiano, Highlife, Soca, and Dancehall – all intertwined cohesively in a very enjoyable Afro-fused project.

Each track sounds uniquely different yet carries SILVASTONE’s distinct qualities. He wrote and composed the music, producing all but two of the songs at his studio, White Hut Studios in Croydon.

SILVASTONE commenced the project pre-pandemic and started its roll-out during lockdowns. Thus, EVOLUTION precedes a string of singles already released from the project.

The pounding South African House drumbeats that kicked off the project’s lead single ‘Falling For You’ will be familiar to many who follow him and of course fans of the Netflix Original series, Blood & Water, where it featured.

Keen ears will also note that SILVASTONE borrowed inspiration from the pioneering DJ Masterstepz to create his UKG-fused banger, ‘Feeling Your Melody’, which was the second single released from the album.

EVOLUTION’s opening track ‘Feeling’ and its follow-up, ‘Born Again’ plus ‘Touch You’, are already recent favourites to many of SILVASTONE fans since being released as lead-up singles.

Out Now! SILVASTONE releases the Evolution album

And no doubt the familiar sample and interpolations used on the new focus single, ‘Hey Lover’, will have you saving it as a firm new favourite and is now already enjoying airplay across BBC Radio 1Xtra, etc.

Elsewhere ‘Darling’, ‘One By One’, and the infectious ‘So Good’ will instantly have you reaching for the replay button. EVOLUTION closes on high energy with an ingenious blend of Soca and Afrobeats on the irresistible ‘Home’ featuring Caribbean soca-sensation, Triniboi Joocie.

STREAM AND ENJOY ‘EVOLUTION’ HEREhttps://africori.to/evolutionsilvastone

More than just a title, EVOLUTION spearheads SILVASTONE into a new realm. He adds, “EVOLUTION encompasses me as a human being.

As the world has changed, I have seen the importance of being able to adapt and evolve with it, through both the struggles and the blessings.

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